Measurement is essential for tracking progress, making improvements, and evaluating the success of any digital marketing initiative. It can also provide useful data to inform the design process, and to gain insight about your customers.

Affiliate programs, pay-per-click programs, and advertising networks usually have their own tracking services; however, assimilating it all with your own website analytics data will allow you to produce comprehensive and verified reports for ROI analyses and auditing purposes. Furthermore, analytics, with multivariate testing, can help you evaluate the relative effectiveness of different website and e-mail designs, using criteria such as click-through and conversion rates. Finally, data gathered through web analytics can be sent to a customer relationship management tool (CRM), providing you with the knowledge to give your customers more personalized experiences.

We provide cutting-edge web analytics, behavioral modeling, and data-mining services, using data pertaining to referring sites, keywords, conversion rates, and user behavior. We can produce reports according to the frequency and level of detail that you desire.

Our services include the following:

  • Analytics implementation: we set up the software, and work with your developers to ensure that tracking tags are incorporated properly in your site.
  • User behavior analysis: we track and analyze specific types of behavior on your site (e.g. newsletter sign-ups, completed purchases).
  • Multivariate testing: we evaluate the relative performance of different website and e-mail designs.
  • CRM integration: relevant customer information can be sent automatically to your CRM.
  • Competitive analysis: we gather data about your competitors: specifically, where on the web they are advertising, and which websites are referring visitors to them.


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