Interactive PR

Public relations is more than just generating publicity: it’s about credibility, positioning, and exposure to the right audiences. Advertising and paid media messages barely register with the public these days: hence, you need to place your stories with trusted digital news media sources.

Online media placements also significantly boost your website’s search ranking: one inbound link from a prominent media website can have a greater effect than hundreds of directory and reciprocal links.

The role of public relations is to foster mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and journalists or bloggers. Public relations professionals craft newsworthy stories for businesses; journalists and bloggers appreciate this quality content because it reduces their workloads. This process requires crafting stories that are both exciting for audiences and have strategic value for the business--without being too transparent! The other part is finding and contacting the most appropriate publication or blog for each particular story.

Based on our analysis of your strategic business needs, and relevant audiences, we will design and implement your public relations campaign.

Our services include the following:

  • Interactive public relations strategy: we identify the most appropriate digital-media public relations targets and formulate a relationship-building strategy.
  • Copywriting: we develop keyword-rich copy for articles, press releases, digital-media kits, and blogs.
  • Social bookmarking: we can help you with social-bookmarking strategies using popular websites like Digg and


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