M & A Consulting

While there are great potential rewards in making large, transformative deals, there are also enormous risks for inexperienced players. Hence, a clearly defined strategy, driven by both analysis and experience, is essential for making successful deals.

Acquisitions can directly grow your revenue and market share; they can also provide strategic benefits such as new products, markets, channels, and intellectual property. They can also help ward off competition by increasing your assets and capabilities, or eliminate a competitor entirely if you acquire them.

Mergers and acquisitions also offer the potential to transform your business. An example of this is the consolidation of banks after the financial crisis; other examples are tech companies that acquire new entrants possessing novel technologies, and businesses in the healthcare sector that position themselves to exploit changes to legislation.

Our team can help you increase shareholder value by facilitating rapid execution of the transaction and by identifying early wins that provide credibility. We reduce risk by emphasizing business continuity, and minimize disruption by focusing on people and change management. We identify revenue and cost-reduction synergies through careful analysis, and transform your operating model to capture them.

Our services include the following:

  • Acquisition strategy and due diligence: we determine whether the acquisition or merger target is appropriate for your business. If so, we craft a strategy to ensure you get the most value from the deal.
  • Planning and management of integration and divestiture: financial; IT; sales, marketing, and customer relationships; HR, and employee relationships.


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