Corporate Consultation

Many organizations have poorly integrated marketing activities and IT infrastructure, resulting in uncoordinated efforts that cost more and achieve less.

IT Management

Well-designed and well-implemented information technology will increase productivity and efficiency across your organization. Conversely, ill-conceived and poorly executed information technology will be a constant hindrance and source of consternation.

M & A Consulting

While there are great potential rewards in making large, transformative deals, there are also enormous risks for inexperienced players. Hence, a clearly defined strategy, driven by both analysis and experience, is essential for making successful deals.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Monitoring what people are saying about you online is essential for any business. Negative news stories or posts can spread virally, so timely identification and response are crucial. Analysis of sentiment over time produces insights regarding what types of behaviors and initiatives generate positive or negative sentiment, which can guide your future strategies.

Program Management

Program Management is the discipline of managing a group of interdependent projects. In management’s hierarchical structure, program management comes between project management and project portfolio management (PPM).