Online Reputation Monitoring

Monitoring what people are saying about you online is essential for any business. Negative news stories or posts can spread virally, so timely identification and response are crucial. Analysis of sentiment over time produces insights regarding what types of behaviors and initiatives generate positive or negative sentiment, which can guide your future strategies.

Reputation monitoring collects mentions of your brand from across the internet: this includes news sites, blogs, forums, social media, and product review pages.

When people are talking about you, whether good or bad, it pays to know immediately. In the case of negative mentions, this allows you to respond with damage-control tactics as quickly as possible; in the case of positive mentions, you have the opportunity to leverage and amplify them. Either way, reacting in a timely manner enables you to make the best of any situation.

Reputation monitoring also produces insightful analyses that can drive proactive strategies. Sentiment analysis using demographic and geographic data allows you to see the behavior of specific market segments. Analyzing sentiment over time allows you understand drivers of positive and negative sentiment, and helps you evaluate and improve the success of your marketing and business initiatives.

Sentiment analysis can also identify your influencers: who are the people driving important conversations about your brand? Authority and reach scores based on inbound links, social bookmarks, and connections can identify these individuals.

Our real-time coverage scans 16 million posts per hour, with access to 100 billion archived posts; from this data, we produce concise, contextual, and insightful reports.

Our services include the following:
  • Customized dashboard: we create (and can easily modify) this according to your needs.
  • Queries: for filtering, slicing, or focusing the data.
  • Regular reports: daily and weekly.
  • Real-time alerts: whenever we find a mention with reputational impact; or whenever one of your key influencers mentions you.
  • Social-media audit: we assess your position, what people are saying about you, and their sentiments.
  • Longitudinal analysis: we look at your history, indentify themes, changes in sentiment, influencers, and important platforms.


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