Email Marketing

E-mail marketing allows you to send a series of messages to engage your e-mail subscribers and educate them about your products, services, and special offers. A well-designed e-mail marketing strategy, with ongoing analytics-driven improvements, gives you the maximum benefit.

E-mail marketing is under-rated and under-used for a few reasons. First, ambiguous regulations surrounding spam make many businesses nervous. Second, e-mail marketing’s full value is seldom realized, because subscription-management systems are often difficult to use, as are customer behavior analytics tools. Finally, e-mail marketing requires consistent and creative messaging, which requires strategy and foresight.

We develop your e-mail marketing campaigns to target your various customer and prospect segments, and gather data to evaluate and optimize subsequent campaigns. We also ensure the security of your transmissions, and compliance with anti-spam regulations.

Our services include:

  • Mailing-list management: segmentation, subscription management, spam compliance, data hygiene.
  • HTML e-mail design: we design and create HTML e-mails for your campaigns.
  • Campaign analytics: we track read, open, bounce, and conversion rates for your campaigns. We analyze the data by market segment and user level, and also incorporate search-engine, keyword, and other marketing data to devise new ways to make your next campaign even more successful.
  • Affiliate marketing: we find affiliate partnership opportunities for you, from national shopping websites, to local media sites.


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